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EU Commissioner Plants a Tree in Andrejsala

This autumn the north end of Andrejsala saw the arrival of a new addition to its flora as a spruce was planted by the current European Commissioner for development Andris Piebalgs opposite the office building in 6, Andrejostas Street, next to the entrance into the City Yacht Club. The Commissioner visited Riga to participate in the 11th Baltic Economic Forum, but was able to allot a few moments in response to the organisers of the campaign Latvia is Planting Trees! (Latvija stāda kokus!) that was launched in April, 2010.


‘Each planted tree symbolises our care for a greener, better world. Just like development policy, where we provide aid to developing countries in hope that our support will be used to improve their residents’ well-being,’ said Commissioner Piebalgs.


The Serbian spruce planted in Andrejsala is an evergreen fast-growing tree that may reach as much as 18 metres in height and three metres in width. The Serbian spruce prefers half-shade, although may develop well in the sun.


The organisers of the tree-planting campaign are Latvijas valsts meži, Diena, and SEB.  


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