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January, Speyer, Krišjānis Rijnieks, Cosmic Travellers Welcome, Jairus, Gelousy, Riga Technical University students' exhibition, The Story of Daniel Ray, Granddad's Garage



Presentation of the ad campaign for promoting Latvia, Latvia Academy of Art students' exhibition, Krista Burāne, Seh-Tank 



Peahen, Harijs Zemītis, Living in Utopia, Kinoteatr.doc, The Rites, flea market My Junk, Your Fortune, The Winter's Happy End, Wheelchair Discotheque



Red Bull Music Academy, Trajectory 4 a.k.a. Institute of Contemporary Art, Around the Corner, Future Shorts, In Twilight's Embrace, Wolf Eyes, Imants Daksis, Les Siestes Electroniques, Andrea Baldini, Nokia Extreme in Andrejsala, Michael Fakesch & Taprikk Sweezee, Best, Dirty Disco Jam, Afu Ra, Maschinentakt, Martinez Gonzalez, Mother Nature, Gamarjoba, Georgia!, Naïve Art Museum, Project 'Footprints', Filmowe Podlasie atakuje!



Dutch heArt Beats, No Ghost, Just a Shell, Future Shorts, Riga Freakbike 2007, Skaņu mežs (Forest of Sounds), Le Cirque désaccordé, Juris Dimiters, The Robbers, Asinus in Tegulis, Junglistpowa, Recreational Trap, Galactic Sadness, Museum Freak Party, a guided tour of Andrejsala, Metan, Zef, White Trash, Killah Priest, Finvaders, Freedom to Be Yourself (campaign), BooM, Urbanologic



The Andrejsala Water Festival 2007, Cut in the Nature, The Rites 2, Rotary Cocktail & Jaffa Magazine, Due North, True HaCo Rock, Dzelzs vilks/Evening Star concert, UBeRaDa, Noise Hippies, The Streets of Rīga



Exhibition of Submissions to Andrejsala Design Competition, 'Acoustic Dessert', DataBlender, Future Shorts, 'Birth of a Comic', Literary Evening at The Theatre of Dreaming, 'ShitArt' Workshop, Elīna Ļihačeva & Laila Halilova, 'Photographic Journals', lomography workshop & show, Elīna Banga, Proguary, Pan/Tone, Mikhail Tolmachev & Oskars Pastars, Descendance, 'CALL Your Kid NOW', freakbike workshop, Līna Dzērvāne, Fallen Girl monument, Scape[e]scape, 'Common Stuff' by Bruno, Ogata Samoletova, 'Forest Adventure'



Future Shorts, Elena Spasova un Jeļena Glazova (Partying Hard), Zoom in, Cat Wants out of the Bag, Netcords Night, Inese Vēriņa (KET), Nightscape, freak-bikes, Showroom 6: Matilde, Wooden Fleet parade, House Music Night, UBeRaDa, Smash TV, Mobile Museum, White Night, Shìzhōng, One Day in Latvia – 20 Years Later



Pecha-Kucha Vol. 1conference about the future Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art 



Andrejdiena: year-end fest



Conference on the role of arts in urban gentrification

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