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South part
Barn (Šķūnis)


The barn is the first object on the left at the entrance into the South part of Andrejsala. The area of the wooden barn is 94 square metres.


Rats had been expelled from the premises long ago, and the barn is looking forward to, possibly, your idea on how to use it in near future. Any initiatives that may prove useful for the society are going to be duly evaluated and supported. Please e-mail your ideas to: [email protected]!


The barn found more active use in the summer of 2007, during two key events in this area: Showroom 6: Matilde, an international exhibition of installation art, and the White Night arts festival (both are covered in detail in our Event Overview section).



Machine Shop (Mehāniskais cehs)


The machine shop is located on the right-hand side at the entrance into the South part of Andrejsala. As of the summer of 2010, the machine shop contains Riga Spirits & Wine Outlet and an antique store called All Antique, which sells vintage furniture and design items. This place is definitely worth a visit!   


Hull Shop (Korpusu cehs)


The hull shop may be considered the continued machine shop. Both shops are connected not only physically, but also idea-wise. Among those operating at the hull shop are the art studio Peahen, the fashion boutique Keitas kiosks and other creative groups.


The hull shop has hosted several exhibitions, theatric performances, press conferences and meetings, but today its main hall on the ground floor houses the Riga Spirits & Winte Outlet, the only of its kind in the entire city!


Welding Shops (Metināšanas darbnīcas)


Until spring 2008, the welding shops used to house the limited liability company Kultūras cehs (Culture Workshop), probably better known to guests of Andrejsala as the Dirty Deal Cafe. The first event that took place in the welding shops was an event during night programme Muzeo Zone on 20 May 2006. Since September of 2007, the building has been used by Dirty Deal Teatro, organisers of fringe theatre shows by various troupes and dramatic societies. 


As the Dirty Deal Teatro is no longer based in Andrejsala, the welding shops soon found a new dweller in the form of a club called First Дača.


Gatehouse (Sarga māja)


If we trust a story told by a certain woman, the gatehouse once used to be a home of a guard, his wife and three daughters. It is not known for sure, what the guard was guarding at the time, but the gatehouse was known for its cleanliness and concord. The guard’s daughters grew up, married and abandoned the gatehouse, and the guard and his wife one after the other passed to their eternal rest. There is no mention, who of the two was the first one to pass away, but the gatehouse is still located where it has been.


Repository (Glabātava)


The repository is intended for sculptors. It is a suitable place to produce sand, ice, fire and metal sculptures to be stored in a displayable condition there. In the year 2006, a three-metre sculpture was located next to the repository; the structure was also used during the Showroom 6: Matilde installation art show in the summer of 2007.


Do you have any ideas as to how to use the repository in the future? Please send e-mail us, and we shall see how we can carry out your ideas.


Customs Warehouse (Muitas noliktava)


Guess this: flames around it and gold inside it? The correct answer: it's the customs warehouse. The external part of it is embraced in red brick casing, which protects the building well against accidental fire or wind.


The interiors of the building do not have a trace of the unpleasant industriality of bricks: wooden decoration is all across the interior. Renovated and shining, the customs warehouse became home to the Naïve Art Museum, which was opened in May 2006. 


In the summer of 2012, the Oskuro fashion outlet was set up in this building, offering a wide variety of clothing items, shoes and accessories.    



Garages (Garāžas)


Garages used to be a place, where motor vehicles, tyres and heaps of spare parts were stored, so that, when required, those would be at hand and could be used. At present, nothing of that is left, apart from the name and the building itself.


More recently, the garages have found new use by a gallery and creativity centre called Komutators.



Market square (Tirgus laukums)


It used to be there. Currently a public outdoors site, where you can breathe fresh Andrejsala air as much as you want, as the Daugava is nearby, and you can let the wind flap your hair to all four corners of the earth.


The market square has already seen plenty of utilisation, starting from outdoor café activity during Andrejsala's summer events, a bonfire and an exhibition of DIY chopper bicycles during the Museum Night, and culminating in a fire sculpture live show that was part of Andrejdiena 2007. In the summer of 2012, three outdoor cafes/restaurants were established on the Market Square.


The area of the market square is big enough for organising large-scale public events here. Please contact us by e-mail, if you would like to hold an event here.



Shed (Nojume)


Something is usually placed in sheds – something that gets underfoot in our daily life. The shed of Andrejsala (100 square metres) is not an ordinary one as it underwent considerable change in July 2012 when KoYa restaurant was set up here by one of the best contemporary Latvian footballers, Kaspars Gorkšs. The place got extremely popular with many locals in a few days after its launch, so why not give it a try when visiting Rīga?


Herring House (Siļķu brāķis)


This house used to be the administrative building of the Riga Herring Quality Control business in the early 1900s. It started a totally new life in May, 2006, when it was blessed to become the artists' residence Singalong. A couple of years later it became home to A. Rezidences, a place for artists-in-residence managed by the Culture and Arts Project NOASS.


As of the spring of 2012, the building is vacant and offered for rent by the owner.


Power Shop (Elektrocehs)


Before its downtime, the power shop had seen a busy industrial activity, but later there came silence, as monotonous hum of electrical and mechanical equipment ceased operation, and everything around was covered in a thick layer of dust – it was abandoned, but not for good.


In the spring of 2006, the creative union Orbit started operations there, and a year later it was joined by the Theatre of Dreaming, a group of creative young people. Since both groups have relocated their activities to other areas of the city, the current status of the building is "vacant".


Carpenter's workshop (Galdniecība)


In the past few years, the carpenter’s workshop has been the headquarters of the innovative music festival Forest of Sounds (Skaņu mežs), the Future Shorts film festival, and a home of the club Nobody Writes to the Colonel (Pulkvedim neviens neraksta).


This building is currently experiencing another renaissance as it houses a club and exhibition hall, managed by a gang of freakbikers, Apokalipses jātnieki (the Riders of the Apocalypse).



Lab (Laboratorija)


It used to be a chemical lab, all white inside. Should you wish to have a look at the rooms inside the lab or use them for your creative projects, please feel free to e-mail us.

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