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Rīga port silo


The Rīga port silo (i.e., the new elevator) is situated in parallel with the riverbank of the Daugava. Together with the former power station's funnels, it creates the unique skyline of Andrejsala, as seen from the Pārdaugava district on the left bank of the river. Besides, the port silo continues to fulfil its function of storing, drying and handling grain.


The silo's main lines of business are: loading and unloading of grain and oil-plants onto and from road, rail and sea transport; storing and drying of grain and oil-plants; storing of major crops, such as wheat, rye, barley, rape and oat as well as malt.


The silo's maximum throughput is 2,000 tons of goods unloaded and 3,000 tons loaded. Its yearly handling throughput may exceed 500,000 tons of freight.

The silo's capacity allows it to store 53,000 tons of grain at any given moment. The moorage is 145 metres long and able to accept sea vessels with a draught of up to 8.2 metres. The transport hub of the silo is connected to roads and railways; the local railway's total length is 1.1 km (0.68 miles) and maximum capacity is 31 wagons.

The technological laboratory of the Rīga port silo complies with the Grain and Feed Trade Association's (GAFTA) guidelines.


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